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Hey everyone, it’s your girl Ikram back again with another website update. And today’s update as you saw from the title is another wig review Wednesday. Last week I bought one of those human hair lace front wigs from Diamond Dynasty and today’s wigs I purchased from the app wish. Now if you’re not familiar with the app wish its kind of like the Aliexpress of the App World. Now they do have an online presence but they also have an app and I see a lot of people ask questions about their hair. And not specifically their wigs but also like they have bundles on there sometimes where you really got to be skeptical and I see a lot of people go jump on these bandwagons and I’m like but have you done your research? Have you done your research?

This update is for you out there who are trying to do your research. Are these wigs good or not. I spent my coins so maybe you can save or spend yours. So without further ado let’s just get into the wigs that I purchased. Now I actually purchased four but con number one only three of them have come in. So only three of them have come in. That is over a month ago that I placed this order. It was around a Valentine’s Day. It is now mid-March. So the fourth unit is not in as of now but I’m gonna go ahead and proceed with this video. And of course, I’m going to reach out to wish and be like so where is it. Either run me my coin or keep the wig I would prefer you to keep the wig.

But so number one it takes a while for the wigs to get here. Also the thing about them online you know the pictures are always different than what you kind of get. So without further ado, I’m going to do hop right into the first unit. Now I won’t know what unit it is until I actually pull it out the package because there’s no stock card. They just kind of come in these little baggies. Now I’ll insert a picture right now of how this wig was displayed online. So you guys can check that out. Now that’s what it looked like. This is how it looks like right now. It does have two. Nope doesn’t have two combs in the front. Has this one weirdly placed comb in the front.

So there’s one comb. No other comb in the front no other comb throughout the unit. So really just this one comb right here. It has adjustable straps. So this is how this unit looks. And of course, I’ll just step over to the side let you see how it looks online. I’d say in terms of how it translates from online to actually on my head doesn’t look anything like it. Nope doesn’t look anything like it. Um it is very much so soft. Online it says heat-resistant. Um I can feel right now I know this unit would not heat-resistant and I can also tell from the price. This price or this wig online as I’m looking right now is $13.

The thing about Wish that you need to keep in mind the price fluctuates a lot. So it can be anywhere between at one point this unit can run you eighteen dollars to being twelve dollars one day. So the price varies really day to day and sometimes they have the same wig by different vendors. So the also the vendor changes but with every unit, you have to pay shipping. So even though I got three units I bought them all at one time. I had a separate shipping for each one. So on top of it being $13 you had to pay five dollars shipping for this unit. Five dollars shipping for the other and all that. And shipping cost varies as well.

So just one thing to keep in mind with Wish and how Wish works. Shipping is separate than anything else. So yes this is how she looks. Let me just move on into the next unit. Let me just hop right on into it. So this is the next unit and its smells. Oh my god, it smells terrible. Oh my god. Oh my goodness. And I don’t know if it’s going to pick up it looks and feels kind of wet. This unit is actually twenty-five dollars that’s what it says right now on Wish. It is long. It smells bad. It has kind of a dampness to it and it was not leaning up against anything wet. So that means it traveled here and its been you know kind of wet for a while but let’s see how this goes.

I’m glad I got my wig cap on because I don’t feel very safe with this unit. Construction-wise it does have soft lace. This is the first kind of cheap wig from one of these sites that I’ve had lace come attached to it and this is shocking because I’ve paid you know over $40 for some wigs and they don’t even have soft lace. They have hard lace. So this is kind of weird. It has two combs in the front. No comb in the back. Oh, actually three combs in the front no comb in the back. Um besides it smelling like garbage cans um it doesn’t look freshly bad fresh out of the pack and on. Let me actually go cut this lace because I’d never expected to have lace to have to cut and then I’ll be right back.

Okay, so this is what this unit looks like. I have to say in terms of how it looks right next to the picture. I guess it looks the most similar out of every unit that I’ve ever purchased from one of these type of sites that looks kind of like the picture. Lengthwise it is a very long unit. Lace wise I don’t get the lace because it doesn’t give you that much parting space or even the option to part it the way you will want to part it. So it’s just kind of combed over in the way that I have it but I think it’s not terrible but the smell of it is so bad. It is like a sewer.

I would not recommend purchasing this wig just simply for the fact that this smell is overwhelming. It’s overpowering and it’s not worth it. You can spend $25 elsewhere and get a unit that looks similar. Um, I’m just going to roll on into the third one. So this is the very last unit, and for this unit, they took a picture of Jenny if you guys are familiar with her. She has a YouTube channel on here. She is British and she is everything. They just stole her photo. Now, this unit is $13. So I don’t think you would probably look just like a Jenny for $13. There is no lace. There are no combs on this unit at all. So this hair is very thin.

Right out of the package what I notice thin thin thin unit. You can probably see straight through the cap on this unit. So 0% density wise. Um, do I feel like I look like the picture? You guys let me know. What do you guys think?I think it doesn’t look you know exactly like her, but she has real hair and all that. This is synthetic hair, so of course, it’s never going to look good as the real deal. But this is what it looks like. All these units are very cheaply made. Very affordably made, so that’s why they are priced this way. And you’re not going to get good quality. If you want good quality then get the bundles.

If you want hair like Jenny’s you’re going to have to buy the bundle or you can buy a synthetic hair unit from any of the other sites that I talk about. Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair, Divatress, Sam’s Beauty, Glamourtress all these sites have good units affordable units that you can buy instead of it this. It burns my soul when I see people who are like oh it’s only $10 though. It’s only$10 and then when you get it you disappointed. You disappointed for a reason. That $10 should have told you something. The cheap comes out expensive. That is a phrase that they always say. When you try to go the cheap route it goes more expensive because you could have bought one a good unit instead often crappy $10 units. You get what I’m saying. You feel me on this.

I’m spending my coin, so maybe you can see what I mean and save your own coin. Now if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up. But also if you didn’t enjoy it make sure you give it a big thumbs up. I love all kinds of engagement. Make sure you’re subscribed to me, so you don’t miss any of my videos and comment down below what else you want to see from me. What hair retailers are you thinking about trying but you want me to try first to save you some money. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram. Make sure you’re following me on Snapchat, and I will see you in my next video. Thank you so much for listening to me go on and on! Bye!