The Lace Wigs I Use For My Concerts


Hey everyone, what’s up? Fuse here from Ikram Zidane and hi to all of our website visitors. This is Big Freedia the Queen Diva, and you are looking at some of the behind scenes of what it takes for me to get ready for one of my concerts. As you can tell, I’m a bald head queen right now. And this is not how I walk around the streets of New Orleans and nowhere else.

I’m here today with Mike Sheerif and he’s about to slay this lace frontal and get this wig together. So you all pay attention and learn something today Girls. Today we’re going with a cute bob look thanks to the virgin hair we recently got from Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair, and I’m going to be installing it on Freedia. It’s very quick and easy.

This is the tape method that I like to do. I like to call it my 90% tape and my 10% glue method and I’m just going to pop it on like that. The tape does not curve to the actual lace, and we’re going to go in and seal it up with our lace glue.

Her hair is protected underneath with the cap, and then we tape it down with the tape, and we’re just going to seal it down. And no, it’s not Gorilla Glue. LOL! I’m here at least once or twice a week depending on what type of performance I have and what type of event.

I know exactly how I want to change the lace front wig today, and I’ll show you how. And another tactic that we do, we have to sew the back down. Yeah, I shake a lot, I bend over, I have my head swinging all kind of ways. Anything could happen, you have to have some security to your wigs, ladies.

Right here we’re going to take the needle and stitch it through a braid, and it’s going to serve as an anchor for her lace frontal primarily. As you can see right now I’m pulling. See all of you don’t know what the Queen Diva goes through. Beauty is a process. It takes time and it takes patience. You lay, you lay honey. Alright. Thank you baby.

So now we’re going to have Rhonda to step in, and she’s about to style this thing honey. So today I am going just to give Freedia a little bit of movement with her hair and I think I’m going to also to go in and just detail this cut a little. We’ve precut the hair, but we’re going to detail it just a little bit more. I’ve been working with Rhonda for a very long time and Rhonda gave me all of my signature looks.

So right now, what I’m doing is I’m kind of going in and giving Freedia a little bit of texture without taking away the length. It definitely doesn’t grow back, so we put the movement and the texture in the hair. So when we start curling the hair, it’s just going to flow and fall effortlessly. I don’t use a lot of sprays in my hair because I need to be able to do something with it myself on an everyday basis.

As you can see I’m not really like giving the hair a lot of curls. I’m just really imprinting a curl pattern. It’s looking good. Okay guys, so now you have seen the before, this is the after, the Queen Diva is ready now. Thanks for tuning in. This is Queen Diva and I’m checking out girls. To learn more about what we’re up to, be sure to read our blog.