Trying On Wigs At My Local Salon


Ready to come with me to my local hair salon? Good, let’s do this! okay. . okay. . so. . . I’m going to open up the door. Okay, they’re always having this. like on selective wigs and 50% off.

Ohhhh this is new okay let me show you all this I’d never seen this here before natural Clip on like curly oh this is a cool facial mask people enter in the comments if that’s a good special $21.99 for that.

Oh wow I think I might want this as my skin is literally bad really bad right now right yeah they have like all of the face scrubs and rubbings okay let’s see which head Rath do we like I like the red actually and those are okay.

So usually I get like my stud earrings and all of that through from right here but like they’re okay quality they’re not bad either thank yous are cute like sparkly they’re adorable actually. I understand black so like pepper man I want pepper now man. See my skin is so sensitive here I thought this at fifty $24 but it actually said $54 for this like curly black wigs is this one turquoise.

I remember I once wanted to do my hair in that color, but we’re calling her I like this color. I like it. I’m so close but I’m gonna try this bomb and it’s kind of arising. How do you guys do this is no what’s we better it’s middle part how do I look. Okay so what but this is how this one looks I mean like my hair is not really a knurled for it to work this oval see it’s nice so but it’s not my style doesn’t look good on me I’m like doing foolishness anyway so this is where we get all the way and this is me you know she wants back week yes yeah yeah these are all 52 knock weeks.

Wow okay so she’s getting oh she wanted to try like these briefings Brown where these half wings no police no I’ll be on it 50% ah I hate that when I try this way hopefully my hair is not too bigI’m going to try again a little just give you so to do two plats and call this perm rod I remember when these curly rod things are a big thing on YouTube but I feel like no one uses them anymore so this is what I buy it well I just buy any of these for my hair this music is so loud so buy any of these like the castor oil is here this size are like buying you know doesn’t last me that long and then olive oil I want to try this coconut well I hope you all can hear me it looks good and it’s only like $7 nipple ocean I’ll stick to my Jorgen.

I haven’t heard of like some of these friends here like Mota body and if you have curly hair you come by the moon and then dry shampoo a flat iron really means the free sprays in ten dollars this is a gel here big huge was a big this is can the price of these are only $17 $18 $16 for this let’s talk she’s such a reasonable price for so much Joe look Michelle you’re getting for less than $20 we’re giving voice closes Swiss police closers and everybody to be honest and link bundles they’re not worth the price you’re honest, but I guess these supply stores are convenient for last-minute.

Thanks to be honest I never saw this this line in the shea butter the manic you honey master oil is the first it looks so like eco-friendly and stuff I like I mean like this is a really nice color though like if I could pull I wish I could pull this off but I can’t doesn’t look good on me the colors next I don’t really like this table the color is really nice it’s like oh I like this I like the color but it doesn’t look good on me I’m just like floating on my head top that’s the side sunrise look at this what is this what you’ve done with this my style of trying on wings oh my gosh.

Yeah no me that’s really great wishing you knew what to do like I wish beauty supply stores had cultures that matched but these things like ten dollars they don’t have closures like how do I close this up on my head.

You have a lot of bundle packs at beauty supply stores where for like $30 or some majority the time is like $20 and you get like five bundles lucky tells you it gives you all those bundles there plus a closure so 7 pack and you can get a Jheri curl looking at like these colors but usually there’d less money than that like $20 like this one well this one’s 29 1b you can get any color and they give you 7 pieces of 7bundles and then a closure so they give you like 16 18 20 20you don’t would buy these but I don’t know how to close it up the closure that they give is not really they don’t look natural to me but maybe cuz I’m doing them myself that’s just my opinion they have these different colors ever brown red black I like it.

I wanted to buy this right here this brown but I didn’t know how I could add a closure with it I really wanted to buy at least $13 for two bundles so I would buy like 2 packs of these and then I would want to closure but these are all these colors like huh no no yeah that’s why I wish they had closure and like this is such a nice ride I would buy – I got all the all these colors and just make like wigs or something out of them then yeah but they don’t have closures with them and I don’t nobody can do and this one’s like a hombre it goes from black I love this are you still wearing this color a lot when her singing these ponytails it’s legit already in a braid for you you have to go through the struggle of braiding it when it’s already there.

It is $16.99 you know why I like the texture of these ones the drawstring Pony told you’re making toysI’ll have bundles here for $2.99 they look really I don’t know how to make them look good like a lavender ombre yes 22 in here shape there for all your knees so like everything like the packaging.

I mean I remember used to wear these when I was younger so funny childhood memories beauty supply start me oh let me show you all the eyelashes these are nice eyelashes time in seasons are $1.99 but like these are the ones no these aren’t the ones that I showed you one yes these ones actually magic bullet or the kiss lashes name our doll here.

They have nicer no way I never seen those that woman this washes well I like these edge control on they don’t have them Hollywood context so they usually I guess they stopped making them Wow sad story. Thank you but here are some more videos if you want to watch